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A co working beauty space. 

ILashout Beauty Co-  is now embracing the sharing economy in the beauty industry. We envision a platform that unites all beauty professionals and empowers them to build a solid business structure, get access to business training and advance training workshops to ensure their businesses thrive. Our new business model offers a beautiful space for beauty entrepreneurs where they no longer need to worry about expensive rental leases, high capital investments on the latest technologies, salon renovations & furnishings.

In addition to the PRO's in the co-working suites, we also offer beauty consulting services. We have been in business since 2016. We have employed and worked with over 400  beauty professionals to offer educational training on our  services and by training our community. Throughout the 7 years, we made a lot of changes to support the customers and independent contractors. We made it our duty to be the solution to our providers by investing in the business training, mental support and realized that in order to have a strong beauty industry we need to build it.  ILashout Beauty Co rebrand was created to well train and support beauty professionals who lack the access to business knowledge and  resources. Covid 19 exposed that minority services providers across the world and students face certain barriers that can impact their ability to achieve their goals and mission.

Since 2016, we have been branding and training with our salon, ILashout Beauty Co. and have created a 6 figure business and revenue stream for many beauty professionals. 

We are dedicated to assisting beauty entrepreneurs in becoming successful. We offer a variety of mentorship and business consulting needs for those needing help with business structure, business planning etc. 


At ILashout Beauty, we can provide advanced beauty training for services, help you obtain business permits like Occupational license, Establishment licenses, and provide support and consult with you as your company expands. 

We can help you with: 
Business startup 

Client Retention
Salon Systems
Salon Legal structure
Retail Sales 
Starting your own Beauty Boutique 

Schedule a 45 minute consultation call with us, to see how we can help scale your beauty business.

Interested in the co working suites?

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